A huge thanks to Jo McCracken and SE Sporthorse for helping us always look our best!

Jo has a great eye for what looks good on horses, and works with the riders to match their taste exactly.
There are many reasons to give Jo a call and have her help you pick out a new outfit for you and/or your horse:
- Just because you deserve it every once in a while!
- To look your best at an important horse show
- To take a professional sales video or photo shoot
- Good gear and healthy leather is safer
- To impress when attending a clinic

You let her know what you need, it can be as little as a nice shirt or a stand-out-from-the-crowd pair of breeches, or as complete as an outfit with matching brow band and new custom boots!
One of my competition horses is wearing a black/brown Cardanel saddle that matches his black/brown bridle :)


Verdict, CDI competition

Verdict, local competition

Decadance, sales photo shoot

Nelis LSI competing

Volcan, sales photo shoot