Dressage Training

At this point we only offer full training (this may also include consignment)

Full training
Personalized plans available
Averag 4-5 sessions/week
Competitions (entry fees and transportation are owners expense)
Showing to potential buyers (for sales horses)
Assisting farrier / body clipper (owners expense)
Sales ad on this website 



I can currently accept training and consignment horses at Crane Hill Farm
and Festina Lente. 

Crane Hill Farm is in Belleview/Ocala. At his location I enjoy teaching in the tranquil surroundings of a mostly private farm under a wonderful insulated covered arena!

Festina Lente is right across the road from Crane Hill, we have limited space so a more personal approach and easier scheduling, though without a covered it is most comfortable to ride early morning or later in the evening.